Founded in 2011, Designer Jacque Martin created the Jacque M. imprint that was inspired by the depth a bold statement piece brings to subtly contrast a chic look. Started with the accessory line “POPLife Jewels”, the brand includes: POPLife Professional Style Consulting, Jacque M. 528 handbag line, and The Left Lane Collection. Based in Dallas Texas, Martin won the Flair for Fashion & The Akita Group “Accessories in the Nude” 2014. Martin's custom pieces have been featured on Vh1's hit TV shows Basketball Wives, Love and Hip Hop, & K. Michelle: My Life. Martin has been also been featured in D Magazine, Cosign Magazine,, YSF Magazine, and Van City Vogue Magazine.

Early Career

In 2002, Jacque Martin graduated from Chicago State University with a degree in Business Management & Marketing.  After graduation, she earned a position as an Account Executive with Bank One, now known as JP Morgan Chase Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in the world. Jacque received many awards and recognition early on in her banking career. Through hard work, dedication and excellence she was promoted to Vice President and oversaw banking centers in Chicago, Milwaukee, Dallas and New Orleans. After working for JP Morgan Chase for nearly 10  years, Jacque realized she was no longer fulfilled with Corporate America.  She knew there was a greater purpose and she was determined to discover what her purpose was.

POPLife Jewels

Shortly after her revelation, Jacque lost her job as Vice President.  She spent two months vacationing with her family and during her travels she discovered her purpose, and began developing “P.O.P Life”. Short for: People of Purpose Living & Loving Life, Martin was sure she found her purpose.  Utilizing her business knowledge and entrepreneurial skills to build her brand, Martin created POPLife Jewels. This line was a collection of custom-designed accessories. 

Originally marketed to popular hair stylists, boutique owners, friends and family, the demand for POPLife Jewels grew. Shortly after, Martin opened her first Accessory Design Studio/Boutique located in South Lake, TX. Jacque also opened an online boutique and utilized social media as a means to market her brand.  This expanded her clientele nationally, gaining her high-profile customers.  POPLife Jewels was hand selected by Pat Smith (wife of NFL Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith) to be a “Luxury Experience Lounge Partner” as part of Smith’s “Treasure You Girlfriend’s Retreat” in 2012.

POPLife Professional Style Consulting

Due to a growing client-base, Martin was able to lend her fashion expertise by styling video shoots and photo shoots around the Dallas area.  She has built reputable relationships with artists, photographers, and models, both locally and across the country.  List of clients include NBA and NFL wives and professional women.  In 2012, Martin styled DJ Spinderella of the Grammy Award winning group Salt-N-Pepa.  Jacque has styled DJ Spinderella for the 2012 Superbowl, 2012 Grammy Awards, 2012 NBA All-Star, 2012 Oscar Party and the entire Shaquille O’Neal All-Star Comedy Tour.

Jacque M. 528

Launched March ‘12, the Jacque M. 528 line is composed of luxurious custom designed leather bags and jeans. Martin was inspired by letting the customer’s personality influence the design of the bag, while still maintaining the Jacque M. “bold sophistication” imprint.


To Martin, POPLife is more than a brand, but is a lifestyle.  She is very passionate about giving back and has teamed up with local charities such as Minnie’s Food Pantry, Tackle Cancer Foundation, and Fly Away with the Bridge Breast Cancer Foundation.  She creates and donates exclusive items to be auctioned off to help raise funding for each of the charities she supports.