Powerhouse Collaboration | BellaBody

Powerhouse Collaboration | BellaBody


Collaborations may expose your brand to new audiences. Look at the success of Beyonce & Nicki Minaj’s “Flawless”, or Jay Z & Kanye West’s “Watch the Throne”. Still not convinced look at the Nordstrom and Topshop collab? Each brand has been given the opportunity to be opened up to a different demographic. Webster defines a collaboration as a joint intellectual effort, made by many powers working together. It’s no wonder why so many companies over the years have participated in this strategy.

The newest power collab to hit the market is a line called BellaBody. This new premier shapewear, undergarment, and athletic apparel line is a joint collaboration between luxury handbag brand Jacque M. 528, shoe and apparel boutique BDonnas, and premier boutique Tinka’s Closet. These three brands came together to provide quality shapewear that focuses on style, efficiency, and comfort.

“When you combine resources, you gain access to your partner’s markets, in this collaboration-all three have three different markets, we can reach people we haven't before, we become a triple threat.” -Catrina Brown, Co-Owner of Tinka’s Closet

Although still new, the success of this business endeavor is apparent: over 18K devoted followers on social media, multiple celebrity endorsements such as Grammy nominated singer Fantasia and reality television star/designer Draya Michele, and new product added to the line-up constantly.

“Business is about networking, relationships, and collaborations,” celebrity handbag designer Jacque Martin said,“collaborations work because all participating parties have different resources and relationships that are now combined.”

With all the potential success of a collaboration in business, one has to wonder why more companies don’t collab more often. It's a no-brainer according to BDonnas Co-owner Tiffanie Obryant.  

“When everyone has their own niche, we all bring something different to the table,” Obryant said, “why not come together and be bigger, better, stronger?"

When a business relationship is organic, and everyone is on the same page, the sky’s the limit. All three brands have the drive, compassion, and the combined business sense to establish an advantageous brand.

Bella body shapewear, undergarment, and athletic apparel available here

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