What is a fashion stylist?               

Professional fashion stylists, also referred to as wardrobe consultants, help clients craft their image, whether it be casual or formal, social or professional. Through this collaborative process, clients can easily project their most confident and authentically beautiful self to the world.

What can a fashion stylist do for me?

A fashion stylist can guide you in developing and expressing your unique sense of style! Stepping out into the world in a wardrobe with the right look and the perfect fit can inspire you with confidence like never before. Looking your best makes a strong impression, heightens your profile, and others respond to you positively, which draws more success into your life.

What’s it like to work with Jacque?

As a celebrity fashion stylist, Jacque will provide you with a completely personalized experience. She begins by listening carefully to your needs and what is presently occurring in your life. Fashion styling is incredibly valuable at transition times, such as when you are moving from state to state, getting your look back after the babies, dating, preparing for the red carpet, special appearance, or you just want to look good. After discussing your goals, Jacque then takes into account your physical attributes, lifestyle, and personal fashion preferences, in order to help you develop your signature look.

Often after the initial consultation with Jacque, you may request that she visit your home to evaluate your current wardrobe. This helps her determine what clothes are outdated or ill-fitting and whether some garments can be updated for the style or season with strategically added layering pieces, accessories, etc.

You will enjoy working closely with Jacque. She is engaging, kind, patient and fun to spend time with. She also stays connected to the fashion industry, in touch with key players and designers and monitoring industry publications and buzz. This allows her to make the most fashion-forward recommendations to you, regarding tomorrow’s trends as well as classic couture. Jacque’s work has been featured during Super-bowl 2012, Grammy Week in Los Angeles, All-Star Weekend, Shaquille Oneal’s Comedy Tour, Tom Joyner Cruise, and the list goes on. Jacque has styled a high profile list of celebrities from hip-hop legends to NBA players and their wives.

What do we do first?

As your fashion stylist, here’s a list of the steps Jacque will guide you through:

  • Discuss your goals.
  • Consider your lifestyle, body type, budget and style preferences.
  • Assess your current wardrobe, if requested.
  • Develop your optimal wardrobe – one that is highly flattering and fashionable.
  • Provide guidance through Fashion Match materials and photographs.
  • Provide personal shopping, if requested.

What comes next?

After the initial process of developing your optimal wardrobe is complete, Jacque is available for ongoing consultation and personal shopping services, as well as assisting you with special occasion dressing or travel wardrobe planning, either for business or vacation.

How much does fashion styling cost?

You will discover that Jacque’s fashion stylist service pays for itself by creating a new level of self-confidence which invites greater personal and professional success. Plus, it means no more money wasted buying clothes that don’t fit and you never wear! Based on her celebrity experience, Jacque knows how to help you tailor your look for the Red Carpet or a special appearance.

Please contact us in regards to your Styling and Personal shopping needs. Our rates vary based on your need, give us a call – allow us to help you embody the lifestyle – it’s POPLife.  Contact Us with details, we’d love to style you!

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